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Full Denture

Full denture is needed if all the teeth are lost. The denture is a removable dental prosthesis that is attached for chewing function, speech and aesthetics.


Because no teeth are present the prosthesis is placed on the jaw. It works only when a very precise jaw model is made. Only then it is possible that dental prosthesis is attached to the mucosa precisely.


In the upper jaw it is more successful because there is so-called prosthesis with a palatal plate. In the lower jaw, it is not possible because of the tongue, so dentures are shaped like horseshoe orthodontic. This simplest form of dentures are indeed subsidized by the state health insurance, but they in no way correspond to the current state of science and technology.


1. Standard prosthesis


First of all, a thorough investigation is carried out to take into account all the essential factors. Then, an imprint is made. In the laboratory the imprint is poured out, so that the model is created. On the basis of the model individual marks are made. With these marks in the next session, the functional imprints of the maxilla and mandible are performed. Here the movement of the mucous membranes and ligaments are shaped exactly. Based on these imprints the model of the bite with wax rims are made in the laboratory. With a stencil they find out where the rims are correct. Even the correct position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw is determined. After completion with the bite the wax rims are fixed and given to the lab. In the laboratory a plaster model is prepared and plastic teeth are inserted into the wax model. A try-in of the wax model. Here, the setup of the teeth is corrected. Occlusion (contact between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw), articulation, language and aesthetics of the prosthesis are reviewed. Then in the laboratory the prosthesis is manufactured from plastic. When the prosthesis is ready, again occlusion and articulation are carefully checked. After a short period inspection is made to examine, whether pressure sores have been formed. They are eliminated. Sometimes further appointments are required. As the jaw can always change, it is possible that with time prosthesis needs changing. But not all the prosthesis should be remade. Often remaking an underlay to regain a firm grip is enough.




      • inexpensive
      • easy to clean
      • good retention of maxillary denture with well-preserved jaw ridge profile and slow-flowing saliva




      • restricted and poor maintenance because of reduced jaw ridge profile and thin-flowing saliva
      • statics and maintenance of the mandibular prosthesis are very difficult
      • impaired taste perception because of completely covered palate


2. Comfort solution


The comfort-full prosthesis offer many advantages.




      • the stability of the denture base is enhanced by incorporation of metal nets or by production of non-visible parts from base metal
      • the aesthetic design of the improved ceramic or plastic-made replacement teeth is unique in shape and color
      • the denture base is getting a more natural look in manufacturing and coloring with a special plastic material; and the surface is shaped identical to natural
      • with the help of special and elaborate procedures for the maintenance of denture imprint unfavorable jaw relationship can be also improved significantly




      • the production lasts longer and is more expensive the price is higher than of the standard prosthesis


3. Premium solution


The implant-supported denture is the best and of highest quality alternative for the edentulous jaw. In comparison to all other types of full dentures, it offers the best grip, and the best comfort while wearing and chewing.




      • Quality of life is improved through better maintenance and very good wearing and chewing comfort.




      • higher costs due to the much more elaborate production
      • intensive care

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