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Root canal treatment

The goal of root canal treatment is preservation of a strongly pre-damaged tooth. To preserve teeth is one of the main aims within dentistry, because loss of teeth can lead to restriction of the quality of life. When root canal is infected by bacteria, damaged tissue of the dental pulp is removed from inside the tooth. At the end of the treatment of a root canal, filling material is tightly resealed.


If required after the crowning, root canal treatment should be done, at least with this treatment an expensive supply of a missing tooth can be avoided.


Diseases of the dental pulp can be triggered by:

      • infections with caries-causing bacteria
      • accidents
      • excessive wear of the occlusal
      • fillings and crowns that are very close to nerves
      • and in exceptional cases, gum diseases


Usually for root canal treatment an appointment is enough. In case of complications, further treatment appointments are necessary.


1. Appointment:


The tooth is first numbed with a local anesthetic that enables a pain-free treatment. The tooth is opened, thereby allowing access to the root canals. Infected tissue debris and bacteria are removed with a highly flexible file and washed out with chemical rinses. Then the cavity is formed. After the length of the root canals is determined, the root canals are filled with a resilient natural material (gutta percha).


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The final radiograph provides information about the success of the root filling.

In certain cases it is useful to provide the tooth with a crown that would then lead to further treatment sessions.

Another appointment:


In some cases it is necessary to introduce a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory medication into the tooth. In this case during the first appointment it will be closed temporarily. Sometimes it is necessary to change this drug several times.




      • long-term preservation of natural tooth substance




      • consuming, costly and time-intensive therapy


When root canal treatment is not useful?


    • if the tooth is already relaxed strongly
    • if the root canals are curved or situated very closely
    • if the root tips protrude into the maxillary sinus
    • if the immune defense system of a patient is severely weakened

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