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Veneers (Porcelein Veneers)

Do you also dream of a radiant smile?

Veneers are a way of correcting unattractive front teeth, and thus improving your smile and the overall appearance. Dental veneers are wafer thin and almost translucent porcelain plates that are glued firmly to a tooth. They are durable, colour-fast and they look natural. With the help of veneers a bright white smile is achieved. Crooked or misaligned teeth can be corrected, and their size and shape can be improved. In addition, unwanted or uneven tooth gaps are closed. Even old crowns or bridges can be "refreshed".


After the teeth are ground down, an impression in the dental laboratory is made, and the veneers are manufactured specifically for your teeth. The dentist then will affix them permanently to your teeth. A treatment with veneers is possible for every patient with healthy teeth and a normal bite. Patients with gum diseases, a malocclusion or tooth decay must be treated first of these problems.



Course of treatment


For this treatment usually a one time stay of 5-7 days is required in Turkey.


1st Appointment:


During the general examination the color and shape of the teeth is determined. Then the teeth are ground down slightly and an impression is made. Based on the impression the veneers are made in the laboratory while the patient is using temporary ones.

2nd Appointment:



The veneers are tried on. If required necessary corrections can be made.

3rd Appointment:



The veneers (porcelain veneers) get their final color. They are glued by the dentist.


Advantages of veneers


      • A beautiful smile
      • Natural-looking teeth
      • Well tolerated by gums
      • Colour can be chosen
      • Veneers are durable and colour fast
      • Only one small reduction of tooth is necessary
      • Chipped or damaged veneers can be repaired normally
      • Quicker result with veneers compared to other treatments


Disadvantages of veneers


      • Treatment cannot be undone
      • The enamel of teeth is removed, teeth may become sensitive
      • In rare cases, the veneers can fall off

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